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Welcome to Inspire, the approved fanlisting for Higurashi Kagome from the anime and manga series, InuYasha. Not sure what a fanlisting is? Put simply, it is an online list of fans of a particular subject. All you need to join is a name/alias, a working e-mail address, and to provide your country. If you are a fan of Kagome, please consider joining us! Inspire is currently only a fanlisting, but I would love to expand this as a partner to my Kikyou site in the future. Keep checking back! Lastly, I want to give a huge thank you to Mayumi for adopting Kagome's fanlisting to me. ♥

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Version one of Inspire features a scan of Kagome on the cover of her character song single, Tatta Hitotsu no Yakusoku. All other aspects of the layout were made by me or default to the Mac version of Adobe Photoshop CS5, with the exception of fonts downloaded from Dafont and the lace textures made by Megan.

My Name's Kagome. Ka-go-me.

Higurashi Kagome is your average 15-year-old girl living in modern Japan. Or so she thought, anyway! One day, Kagome is pulled through the Bone Eater's Well located in her family's shrine, and she finds herself transported back in time to the Sengoku Era. Trying to find her way, Kagome stumbles across the half-demon Inuyasha, asleep and pinned to the Sacred Tree with an arrow through his heart. After questioning by the local villagers and their priestess, Kaede, the freeing of Inuyasha, finding out she is the reincarnation of the priestess Kikyou, and accidentally shattering the Shikon no Tama, a jewel that grants a single wish, Kagome finds herself on a journey with Inuyasha in order to reclaim all the fragments.

When I was a kid, I didn't care much for Kagome. I was quick to only look at her on the surface because of my deep attachment to Kikyou and the "trend" online at the time was to side with one or the other. As I got older, though, I realized that Kagome is a strong female character who is willing to do anything to help others—especially those she cares about. She also grows tremendously on her journey with Inuyasha and other companions, as she grapples with feelings of love, jealousy, responsibility and identity. She is not Kikyou and does not want to be viewed solely as her reincarnation or her replacement. In fact, her complicated relationship with Kikyou is the main reason why I realized how much I liked her and admired her for doing the right thing despite what the implications for her relationship with Inuyasha might be.

As I said above, I would really like to expand this fanlisting into a shrine in the future because I have a number of things I would love to write about. I have no idea when that might occur, though, as the series is incredibly long and I would need to refresh myself before really being able to work on anything concrete. In the mean time, if you'd like to read more about Kagome, please visit my friend Amy's wonderful tribute to her, Spirited. ♥

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